Day of Service
We joined Perkins + Will on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for a day of service to help plant 1,000 trees and shrubs at Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa. The planting was to help restore some of what was lost in the destructive fire of 2017. Founded in 1950 by Rose Resnick, Enchanted Hills was the first camp of its kind on the West Coast and remains a destination for the blind and visually impaired campers across the world. (January 2022)
Happy Holidays!
As we wind down the year, we look foward to a healthy and peaceful 2022. We wish you all peace, joy and health. Let's continue to treat each other well. (December 2021)
What we do
We currently have many projects in design covering a full range of scales. One of our favorite things is working with our hands whether it be drawing and sketching, or feeling and playing with material samples. There will always be a sense of connection working through our hands that brings enjoyment to our design process. (October 2021)
Summer Photoshoot
We mobilized a significant photoshoot operation for a recently completed technology campus renovation. All in all it required a week of scouting, staging, cleaning, and human coordination (models) to bring out the essence of our project and tell the landscape story. Hard work, but our designers had a great time with our awesome photographer (Caitlyn Atkinson) and our friends at Envelope A+D. (August 2022)
Keep in movin'
RHAA has been busy with number of projects currently in planning or construction. Even though we've become quite agile these past 13 months working from home, there's nothing like getting out to a project site, being outside, and experiencing the sun, wind, sights, and sounds, and the smells of a place. We hope everyone stays vigilant, safe, and healthy. (May 2021)
Tradition continues. Our annual pumpkin carving contest lives on in remote platform edition 1.0. While we may be missing the smell of 20+ pumpkin guts and pizza, the transformation and skill from our designers is always satisfying to see. Costumes are a bonus! (October 2020)
So what did I miss?
To borrow a line and song from Hamilton, we miss a lot of things. We obviously miss the great personalities, laughter, and creativity, But we also miss some of the things a home office can't replace: big pin up spaces, physical libraries, large work tables, and the open studio office we have that promotes interaction. But no time to reminisce. Onward and upward, and we will get through this together people! (September 2020)
A day in the life
We are staying connected with one another and sharing snapshots and moments from our lives during this time. Here are some random selections of submitted photos from our firm wide virtual meetings. It's so nice to get a glimpse of what everyone is up to. (August 2020)
Studio life now
3 months into this new world and we are continuing to support our clients and communities with collaboration, focus, curiosity, and follow through. Our offices were open for a short time but are now closed again. However we will remain agile and flex as needed to adhere to our project commitments. In the meantime our studio teams are engaged with both business and play, and our teams are creatively coming up with new ways to connect and share. (June 2020)
Spring 2020
We started the new year with business as usual, but we sooned faced the Covid challenge and Bay Area shelter in place orders. We had monitored the situation carefully and with seriousness, and so we were ready for the shelter in place when it came. We also saw the need to do what we could to help our health care workers on the front line so we began printing and assembling face shields to donate to local Bay Area facillties. We hope everyone is safe and healthy - we will get through this together! (April 2020)