City College of San Francisco Joint Use Living Roof

RHAA was the master site planner for a 16-acre addition to CCSF that includes a major new Performing Arts Complex, a Joint Use academic building and a bookstore/community center.  Using the principles of landscape urbanism, RHAA integrated green roofs, a geothermal climate control system, transit access and an urban sensibility to create a 21st-Century academic environment.

At the Joint Use building RHAA designed a low-profile (“extensive”) living roof based on a “adaptive ecology” planting concept, thereby reducing storm runoff, conserving energy and providing wildlife habitat in a city setting. A variety of plant species were used in the green carpet that was laid on the roof, with the idea that those that find the roof ecosystem most hospitable would colonize the rest of the roof.  Several native plants are included.  This highly visible “fifth wall” of City College’s newest and largest building will be a landmark green feature in its urban neighborhood.

  • Located in San Francisco, CA
  • The living roof based on a “adaptive ecology” planting concept, reduces storm runoff, conserves energy and provides wildlife habitat in a city setting