San Mateo/Estero Municipal Improvement District WWTP Design Competition

This Site Facilities Plan effort began with The City of San Mateo/Estero Municipal Improvement District Waste Water Treatment Plant 2015 Design Theme Competition. This was a period of creative development, generating robust conceptual design ideas for the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).

The concept which grew out of the competition was SALVEDGE: A hard industrial edge juxtaposed against the soft edge of a restored natural wetland system. This tells the story of the historical typology of the site and the necessary industrial systems of the WWTP. In the site plan this was reflected by a raised concrete path on the edge of the WWTP, and below this a meandering path through a natural wetland. The site facilities were clustered together on the south edge of the path to maximize the open natural space north of the edge.

The result was a conceptual idea for the WWTP and a proposed Site Facilities Plan organized to enhance this concept.

Site Facilities Plan: Phase 1:  At the conclusion of the design competition, the Site Facilities Plan: Phase 1 began. A preferred site facilities plan which balances creativity and the functional needs of the facility’s operation is being developed.

  • RHAA was a sub consultant to Burks Toma Architects
  • RHAA and Burks Toma won the design theme competition and continued with the Site Facilities Plan, Phase 1